offers a wide array of services using different technologies and platforms for our clients satisfaction.

Lycus Services and Solutions

Most ICT projects these days require specific coordination between the new or existing technologies and professional services. Unfortunately, most solutions providers can provide only one piece to this complex puzzle either in the form of equipment or support. Lycus prides itself on the ability to provide the resources and knowledge necessary to successfully marry the technologies and professional services required to address complex ICT issues.

Custom Software Development

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are ready to assist you at every stage of the software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.

Web Application

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building web applications. We are also experts in many verticals and business domains.

Mobile Application Development

Develop highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users. We build native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps that run on major operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Software Testing and QA

Hire our testing and QA professionals to ensure the highest level of quality. We provide standalone testing services via dedicated QA teams with the right expertise to meet specific project needs.

Dedicated Development Center

Use our dedicated development teams to rapidly scale up or down your development resources, cut the development costs, and reduce time to market. We have a solid process in place to ensure total visibility and control.

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